Language Design: Comparing and Sorting
Alasca: Streams
Linux: Improving the Synaptic Package Manager UI
Alasca: Modifiers
Alasca: Keywords
Alasca: Visibility and Exports
Alasca: Typeclasses
Alasca: Traits, Sealed Traits and Enum Traits
Alasca: Syntax Overview
Alasca: String and Text
Alasca: Standard Library
Alasca: Modules
Alasca: Identity, Equality and Hashcode
Alasca: Functions
Alasca: Conditions
Alasca: Collections
Alasca: Classes and Values
Language Design: Naming
Standards: Unicode Sentence Separator
Hardware: Keyboard Setup
Hardware: Keyboard Build (WIP)
Hardware: Keyboard Design
Hardware: USB-HID Protocol Evolution (WIP)
Language Design: Rust's Into in Scala
Rust Hack & Learn Karlsruhe – directories: A Tiny Library That Might Help You!
Language Design: Unified Condition Syntax


Language Design: Package Objects
Language Design: Equality & Identity – Part 3: Solution
Language Design: Equality & Identity – Part 2: Problems
Language Design: Equality & Identity – Part 1: Overview
Standards: XDG Migration Status
Standards: Defending $HOME
Linux: Improving the XFCE Settings UI
Language Design: Notes on Rust
Language Design: Type Annotations
Language Design: Generics
Six Years of Scala Development – Part II: Retrospective
Six Years of Scala Development – Part I: Departure
Language Design: Implicit Numeric Conversions


Functional Programmers Meetup – The Future of Scala: The News from Scala Days!
BOBkonf 2016 – Workshop: Introduction to Scala
ScalaSphere 2016 – The Implementation Challenges of Language Simplification


Scala.World 2015 – A Snorkeling Excursion into Bugfixing
Parallel Programming with Java Multithreading
ScalaDays 2015 – Project Valhalla: Part II
Functional Programmers Meetup – Project Valhalla: Value Types in the JVM


39th Softwerkskammer Meetup – Programming in Scala
ScalaDays 2014 – Simplifying Scala: The Past, Present & Future
Functional Programmers Meetup – Scala Puzzlers


GPN13 – Scala Puzzlers
Functional Programmers Meetup – Introduction to Scala